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Exclusive online visits for groups

In addition to the already published tours open to the public, Wisits organizes exclusive visits, creating suitable projects that can best adapt to your needs and preferences.

We carry out specific tours for cultural and leisure associations (with the possibility of creating specific pages bearing the client's logo), groups of friends or families, according to the logic of "The more the merrier"!

We are waiting for you to start exploring again, because culture has no travel limit!

For more information contact us at

What we do

With Wisits tours you will guarantee your customers interactive and fun experiences: not only curiosities, legends and anecdotes, but also the possibility to participate in prize quizzes organized by the guides, for a unique and innovative experience.

Modulo contatti

The choice of themes can be decided in coherence and complementarity with your itineraries.

The date and time of the visit are agreed according to your requests and the availability of the guides.

We are waiting for you!

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