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Art and Culture virtual tours for corporate events

We think that entertainment is the key to win the total participation of people.

This vision is valid in any sphere, including corporate events, in which the sharing of a meeting space (physical or virtual) and the interaction between participants are key conditions.

For this reason we at Wisits create online tours in the most beautiful Italian cities with an artistic, historical and cultural theme to combine with your meetings, guaranteeing a pleasant and interesting moment for the members involved.

A real tour guide will take you to the places programmed through high quality photos, narrating special and exciting contents, all within 30 or 60 minutes, with the possibility for the participants to intervene live, talk to the guide and ask questions, as much as in pre and post congress excursions.

What we do

At a time when the entire business travel is compromised, we have tried to propose an alternative, trying to recreate a climate of sociality and exchange typical of team building.

With Wisits tours you will make your meetings interactive and fun: not only curiosities and anecdotes, but also the opportunity to participate in prize quizzes organized by the guides, for a unique and innovative experience.

Modulo contatti

The choice of themes can be decided in coherence and complementarity with your content and business objectives.

The date and time of the visit are agreed according to your needs and the availability of the guides.

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