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Our mission

To become a peer to peer meeting place for guides and travellers

We give travellers and aspiring travellers the chance to familiarize themselves with the destinations, museums, exhibitions, artistic, cultural, artisanal and religious sites, both within and outside of towns and cities.

 All of these can be found in the cities of art and quaint historical villages, which are typical tourist locations, but also along the spectacular walks through the meadows, hills and mountains.

Health, political and administrative directives, in addition to the understandable fear, will keep people away from places where tourist activities usually take place.

Given the current impossibility of gathering together large groups of tourists in the historical centres, museums, exhibitions and other places where people typically gather, a new approach to tourism is required.

Tour guides and excursions are the heart and soul of any touristic trip.  

The guides transmit not only tourist information but also, most importantly, the passion for our heritage. In the future, this communication system will be offered not as an alternative to the trip, but as a supplementary activity.  

The webinars can offer viewers the chance to learn about and prepare for their trip, offering a simple and economic way to deepen their knowledge.

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