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The virtual experience that you were looking for!

This is a marketplace, a virtual business, a means of bringing together the offer of tour guide services and the demand for visits and exploration.


In this decidedly unusual year of 2020, most visits will take place on this online platform. The videoconferences are interactive, with the listeners able to participate by asking questions and chatting with the guides on the topics selected. The visits last on average for 1 hour.


An hour of culture and entertainment at the end of which there is a Q & A session. 


On a PC or television screen, it will be possible to enlarge certain parts in order to see details that would not be visible to the naked eye. 


Viewers are guided by a physical person and are able to interact, which is what makes this experience much more satisfying than a documentary or video.


A broad range of locations, topics, days and hours will be available.


The prices are very reasonable and also fixed regardless of the number of spectators behind the screen..

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